Oz, Space, and Adventure, Oh My! No Space Like Home Review and Giveaway

About the Book

Book:  No Space Like Home

Author: Dell Tunnicliff

Genre: Fiction/YA/Science Fiction

Release Date: September 4, 2019

If life were only as simple as following a yellow brick road. Gail’s quiet life among the Kansa Station turbines ends with a hug, a prayer, and a shove… into space.

She thinks she knows who she is, but she’s wrong.  Who is she really?  She’s about to find out.

Of course, landing on the wrong planet is complicated enough without crashing into things. Add to that spybots, waspbots, and cyberwolves and it’s no wonder Gail just wants to go home. Back to a life without this interplanetary circus and its flying monkeys.

Intrigue, secrets, and more than a little danger turn a “simple mission” into a hair-raising adventure as Gail—and three friends she meets along the way—accept a mission to save O-Zoras.

In the end, Gail wants nothing more to go home. She’s just not sure where that is anymore. “I’ve decided that home is more about who than where.” Well, that’s a good thing, Gail, because you’re not on Kansa anymore. It’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz meets Firefly in this fresh, a little zarbi, but totally licit YA space adventure. Grab your copy today and see what ALL that even means!


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My Thoughts:

I feel that, in order for you to understand what I’m going to say about this book, I need to preface this review with a little bit of information about my reading habits. I always joke with my family and friends that my Bachelor’s program killed my love of reading. I couldn’t find enjoyment in reading books anymore because I had to read so many stories for my classes. Then, it shifted to just not having enough time to actually sit down and truly give my attention to a book for a good chunk of time. There are some times where I find myself skimming through a book because it just doesn’t have my interest.

So, with that long-winded statement out of the way, I’m going to tell you about how amazing this book is. I took it with me on New Year’s Eve to the celebration I attended. My mom kept having to help me keep track of my bingo cards because I wasn’t paying enough attention to them. My face was literally buried in this book. It was the whole idea of this book that drew me in. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, and while I like the Wizard of Oz movie, it’s not one of my favorites (I do really like the play Wicked though). But Wizard of Oz in space? That sounded like it had the potential to be amazing.

And let me tell you, it was. I fell in love with Gail, Boq, Leo, and George. I wanted to be right alongside them. Nic was a character that I both loved and hated, and I liked that Tunnicliff created her in this way. It provided a different dynamic for me that I enjoyed. Her plot flowed so well and kept my interest from the front cover to the back. The way Tunnicliff wove in nods to the original series had to be one of my favorite parts about this book. Not because I have a massive love of Oz, but because it really showed how great of a writer she is. They were so clever, fun, and absolutely creative that it’s actually made me want to give the original series a try as well.

Remember that long paragraph at the beginning? Here’s why it is important. I read this book, cover to cover, within a couple hours. I couldn’t tell you what the last book I read all in a day was. This book was that good; I couldn’t focus on what was going on around me because I wanted to find out what Gail and her friends would do next. I highly recommend this book to sci-fi fans, Wizard of Oz fans, and people who enjoy writing that creative, flows wonderfully from page to page, and characters that will capture your heart.

I give this book five out of five stars, and I am eagerly awaiting book two!

I received a copy of this book from the author via Celebrate Lit. I was not required to leave a positive review and received no compensation in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

About the Author

Dell lives on the windswept Wyoming plains with her husband, six children, a cardigan corgi dog, a calico cat, and a flock of chickens.

A lifelong reader, and lover of words, she also loves the Word; God’s good news to us.

She takes the path less traveled, and that has made all the difference.


More from Dell

We are our heavenly father’s children, created to create.

When I set out to write this novel, I craved challenge—something that would stretch my own imagination. The wild, otherworldly, frontier of science-fiction winked at me like a distant star in the night-sky of possibility.  I admire teens and young-adults for their eagerness to seize the wonder of “What if.”  So, young-adult sci-fi it is!

Creating an entire fictional solar system was every bit of the creative rush I hoped.  Orchestrating a dance of stars and planets, designing a space ship, imaging cultures, people-groups, values, and linguistic quirks provided ample opportunities to stretch my creative muscles.

And then there was the naming!  Names are yet another way we reflect our divine author.  Our loving and personal God spoke each star into being and calls each by name.  In No Space Like Home, I named the four-sun solar system, “Hiraeth.”  It’s a Welsh word for that vague, yet poignant yearning for a place to which you can never return, have never been, or even that never was.  It’s a deep, inborn longing for someone, something or somewhere just out of reach of our plane of existence.  As Christians, we feel this keenly.  This world isn’t our eternal home.  We thirst for Jesus.  We hunger for heaven.  We long for a garden—unmarred by thorns and thistles of the fall. We ache to know ourselves and our loved ones as God designed– in perfect relationship with Him, unfettered by sin.

As part of this longing, we create and we name. We are all world-builders, designing with the materials around us, and bringing order to our sphere in small ways and large.  We are image-bearers of our holy Author and Creator.

Whether we paint (like my No Space Like Home heroine, Gail), design software (like George), weld parts (like Nic), or develop strategies (like Leo), we are all inventors and designers.  Create today.   Spin a bit of beauty, order, and identity from the nameless, swirling, chaos.

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