Fire Women Author Interview and Giveaway

About the Book

Book: Fire Women

Author: Joanna Sanders

Genre: Non-fiction

Release Date: October, 2019

Combining biblical instruction and discipleship, Fire Women is a testimony to the powerful benefits of submitting even the most intense desires to the authority of Jesus Christ. It’s an intimate view of a woman with almost-untamable passion and the God who delivered her to live the passionate life she truly desired.

Having been married twice, Joanna candidly reveals a stark contrast between her two marriages, as well as the impact of her choices through three decades of being burned—and nearly destroyed—by the desire of the flesh. In hopes to inspire passionate women to godly living, Joanna shares practical applications from the difficult lessons learned within an intense five-year refining period between marriages and an honest account of a landscape laid ruin by a life of sin. Written from the perspective of one fiery woman to another, readers will hear of the worth of living God’s way, the importance of dying to self, the true measure of passion in God’s eyes, and that not all flame is bad . . .


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About the Author

Joanna Sanders is a graduate of Villanova University and Moody Theological Seminary. She’s the founder and head writer of, which provides biblical content support, writing, and editing. She loves helping other authors realize God’s purpose through their stories and reflecting His glory back through their words. It has been her lifelong dream to finally write her own story. Joanna writes and edits for several Christian publications and publishers and has a heart for women’s ministry.

Most importantly, she is wife to Geoff and mom to three godly-men-in-training. Cookies, pasta, music, and the beach also play integral roles in her life.


Author Interview with Joanna Sanders

1. How did writing this book grow you spiritually?

This entire book was a journey of spiritual growth for me. I started it almost 8 years ago, shortly after getting saved in 2012. The book was primarily written during an intense 5-year consecration period between marriages where I truly sought God’s design for singleness. It was finished two years into my second marriage, so I was able to include perspective from both sides of the journey. While my journey was incredibly personal, I tried to share the areas where God brought His truth to life for me through powerful experience. I knew He wanted me to share these lessons with other women. Writing this book was a discipleship process between me and the Holy Spirit that I tried to duplicate for my reader.

2. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I serve my first ministry, my family, above everything else. After they are all taken care of to the best of my ability, I run a business that helps other authors glorify God with their words. The business idea was given to me through vision after God led me to the scripture, Colossians 4:6. (My business can be found now at If family and business needs are taken care of, I will probably be reading, or having coffee and discipleship time with my girlfriends, or when possible, enjoying a sunrise at the beach.

3. Share something your readers wouldn’t know about you.

I am a seminary grad but I’ll be the first to tell someone that worldly credentials do not define authentic knowledge of God. A personal relationship and knowledge of the Savior is only measured by the depth of heart commitment; which is typically seen in the lifestyle of the believer. I learned a lot of valuable information in seminary but the greatest lessons have been from walking out the instruction in the only text book that will outlast all the others in truth and application— the Holy Bible.

4. Favorite quote?

It would be hard to pick my all-time favorite quote, so I will list the one that’s been applicable to me in this season. I was recently blessed to meet Priscilla Shirer and when I asked her how she balanced the many ministries and aspects of her own life, she told me that “‘No’ is also a ministry.” I’ve been applying this to my life in a new way to create Godly boundaries.

5. What is the most difficult part about writing for you?

Taming my passionate words. It is never my intention to insult or offend anyone but I am truly passionate about the Word of God and understanding and applying it in all ways, as well as to help others to do the same. People have interpreted my passion for discipleship as an implication that I have reached some higher level of holiness in my own life when truly the opposite is the case. As I’ve grown closer to the Lord, I have become more and more sensitive to all of the ways I am completely undeserving of His grace and mercy. My excitement for finally understanding God’s personal instructions for me is something I want to share with everyone and I’m continually learning how to do that in a way that blesses the Body.

Thank you Joanna for letting us get to know you better!


More from Joanna

My parents named me after a song about a woman who consumed her lover in such a way that even long after she had left him, he continued to find glory in the short, but intense way she had loved him. It was like my parents knew I would love with a fierceness that could not be contained, that would subject me—and those around me—to a thousand deaths by my own hand. They knew before I was born. This has been a long journey.

I spent many years trying to figure out my intense passion, wrestling with it, even trying to extinguish it by choking out its oxygen. I didn’t realize there was indeed a healthy place for it. In fact, I felt like each time I looked around this world, I could only see that there was no place for it where it wouldn’t set flame to those around it as well.

I hadn’t viewed my intense passion so much as a gift before, especially since it got me in more and more trouble as I followed it. But now I see it as a gift. My passion is what has driven me to finish this book and, God willing, hopefully inspire you with my testimony. My passion is what gives me endurance and drive to persevere, to finish well in all areas of my walk, and to meet Him at the finish line.

If you are a passionate woman like me, join me in the journey. I can’t wait to show you how I learned, and Who I learned was able to handle my passion. The same road is waiting for you.

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